Overview of the
eNegotiation Exhibition

Follow these steps to proceed quickly through the eNegotiation Exhibition process.

Step 1: Enroll

Go to enroll page and create your account


Do not forget to Activate your account

Check your email and click on the activation link and login.

Step 2: Follow the Steps

Follow the Smartsettle ONE Negotiation steps.

General Exhibition Setup



We have organized the the Exhibition into two sections to show Smartsettle ONE and Smartsettle Infinity separately. Please use the tabs below to view these sections:

Following are the rules for the International eNegotiation Exhibition for Competitions:

You will be using the latest beta releases of Smartsettle ONE or Smartsettle Infinity according to your choice when you registered. Note that these systems will be on a server with limitations. You may need to exercise some patience if the system reaches capacity.

ONE Negotiations

There are a wide variety of case types used in the Exhibition. Cases used for Smartsettle ONE negotiations involve one numerical issue. Review the shared background information and any private information for the party that you will be playing. The preferences are simple - one party prefers high values and the other party prefers low values.

Infinity Negotiations

Whenever we have a class or group from the same area, to enhance their learning experience, we make sure that they all play on the same side if the event is a competition. This makes it possible for learners to help each other out and for coaches to freely discuss the negotiation with them and to give them unbiased assistance. We encourage participants to compete individually so that everyone has an opportunity to have hands-on experience.
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