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eNegotiation Systems Research
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2008

Chief Investigator: Dr. Ernest Thiessen, iCan Systems Inc.

iCan is conducting a research project to study the effects of using eNegotiation Systems during different types of negotiations. As it is difficult to introduce a new way of negotiating to business without some evidence of prior usage and success, it is necessary to first demonstrate the application by conducting controlled experiments.

You will use either Smartsettle One or Smartsettle Infinity in a mock negotiation situation. The simulations may be organized in the form of a event to create the motivation required by the research. You will first be trained to use the eNegotiation system (although minimal if you choose to use Smartsettle One). The training will be comprised of both online and offline activities, some of which will be supervised by a trainer. When your training is complete, you will negotiate online against an anonymous opponent in one or more simulations. Simulations with Smartsettle One can literally settle in minutes when both parties are online at the same time. Simulations with Infinity are expected to involve relatively complex cases that may take several sessions over a number of days or weeks (maximum of three) to complete. At the beginning and end of your simulation you will be asked to complete a survey that documents what you felt and experienced before, during, and after negotiations.

You have the right to refuse to participate or withdraw from this research project at any time without consequence, unless your participation is a required school assignment. Any information you share about yourself or what you experienced during the project will not be provided to instructors. It will be kept confidential and will only be used in a summary format that will not identify who you are.

You agree that you understand the description of the study, willingly consent to participate, and acknowledge that your responses may be put in an anonymous form and kept for further analysis after this study is completed. If you achieve one of the highest scores, you agree that your name and organization may be published along with other top performers. You also agree that we may contact you during and after the exhibition about matters related to the current event and/or future events unless you specifically request otherwise.