eNegotiation Exhibition

Smartsettle One+ Training

How Smartsettle One+ Works

Thank you for your interest in the breakthrough eNegotiation technology, Smartsettle One+. Smartsettle One+ is designed for two parties with simple negotiations that can be boiled down to a single numerical issue. Below are links to videos that demonstrate some applications that would be suitable for Smartsettle One+.

Smartsettle One+ can be used to negotiate anything you can imagine as long as it can be reduced to a single numerical issue. In low-value cases this is usually the most practical thing to do. Your negotiation could be about the price of a used car, your share of the water, an equalization payment in a marital breakup, or a dispute headed for the Small Claims Court.

Whether you use Smartsettle One+ for a dispute or any type of negotiation, it can help you get to an agreement more quickly. Early intervention is the key to avoiding costly disputes.

Smartsettle One+ is voluntary negotiation process. If no agreement is possible, none will be reached. The participants are still free to pursue other options and rest assured that their secret acceptance in Smartsettle One+ remains a secret.

Additional Info for Competitions

  • Anonymous opponents paired automatically
  • Each participant visits their cases several times during the competition
  • Each negotiation takes only a few minutes
  • Complete at least two negotiations to be eligible for recognition
  • Negotiate as many cases as you like.