eNegotiation Exhibition

Instructor Specific Materials

Thank you for all of your support in the eNegotiation Exhibition. It looks
like a majority of the students had a positive experience with Smartsettle.
I truly appreciate all of the support you provided for the students.
- Dr. Robert T. Whipple
California State University

Sample Materials

We have prepared some sample materials that we hope will serve as examples for you when taking your class through the Exhibition.

A Note to Coaches and Instructors

Dear Coaches and Instructors,

Welcome to the International eNegotiation Exhibition! This cutting edge event will give your students a unique opportunity to practice online communication techniques and learn valuable conflict resolution and eNegotiation skills alongside university classes from many other countries.

First Time? If this will be your first time participating in the eNegotiation Exhibition, you may participate with an introductory pass with any number of students. Contact the registrar for details.

Returning? If your organization already has a membership, there is no limit to the number of students that you may place in the current competition, providing that your administration agrees to upgrade their membership to the corresponding level for the coming year. Check here to find out if your organization already holds a membership.

Your syllabus: A class assignment that you are welcome to modify is available to you.

A class visit: We can visit your class to provide some background and theory on Smartsettle. This is usually done over the phone with a powerpoint presentation.

Materials for the bookstore: ISBN numbers for Smartsettle Infinity are available.

Your progress: A spreadsheet will be provided to you with frequent updates on your students' progress and their final scores.

If using Smartsettle One, your students will be able to choose from several different cases. For each particular case the students may play either side, which depends upon whether they created the case or responded to a case invitation.

If using Smartsettle Infinity, all students in a particular class or university will be on the same side of the case that they, or you, choose. We recommend that you request installation of the SmartSettle Infinity client in your computer lab in advance. Your students may also install SmartSettle Infinity on their personal computers to give them more flexibility during the competition. If you have more students than computers they can compete in teams.

>> Register your class here <<

We are committed to working together with you to provide education about the benefits of new eNegotiation technology. Please do not hesitate make suggestions for improvements.

-eNegotiation Exhibition Management