eNegotiation Exhibition
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Smartsettle Infinity Negotiations

Event Organization

Whenever we have a class or group from the same area, to enhance their learning experience, we make sure that they all play on the same side if the event is a competition. This makes it possible for learners to help each other out and for coaches to freely discuss the negotiation with them and to give them unbiased assistance. We encourage participants to compete individually so that everyone has an opportunity to have hands-on experience.

Case Description and Preferences

Many different cases are available to participants depending on interests and skill level. All of them are canned so the negotiation will be mostly concerned about which decisions to make about pre-defined issues. Some aspects of the negotiations may be described qualitatively requiring interactions between the negotiators to agree on what it means.

There will be limited opportunity to change the basic structure of the case set by the organizers. You are coming in at the stage where the Single Negotiating Framework (complete with negotiating ranges for the issues) is already established. So there will be little or no negotiating about the actual wording of the agreement. Each player’s task is to agree with his or her opponent on a package within the given negotiating ranges.

Access to the confidential information describing your preferences will be made available upon login. You must negotiate according to those prescribed preferences. This information will help you decide what is fair and what you would expect in the case of no agreement.

Communication between Players

Negotiators may communicate with their counterpart within Smartsettle. To do this, each player should enter into the Joint Session area and post a message like this:

I am ________ (User Name) representing _________ (your role). I am ready to negotiate.

Be sure that email notification is turned on and that you have specified your email address there. If you have a mobile phone that is compatible with Short Message Service (SMS), you may wish to use that address for notification.


Infinity negotiations must complete within three weeks. Each player must negotiate according to the confidential information provided to his/her side. Evaluators will look at the final results to ensure that a valid agreement has been reached. Evaluators will also look at preference representations and compare with specifications in their confidential information. There will also be a questionnaire that each competitor must complete at the end of the negotiation. Competitors will be evaluated on the basis of a secret formula determined in advance by the tournament organizers.

High scores will be achieved by negotiators:

  • that represent their preferences consistent with provided information,
  • that achieve a high raw score, and
  • if their opponent also does well.
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