eNegotiation Exhibition

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at this Exhibition?

There are always static exhibits for you to browse. At certain times we schedule demonstrations, simulations and competitions. Not all of the answers below pertain to every type of event.

What does it cost to participate?

Participate for free during Cyberweek. At other times, depending on the event, there may be a small exhibition registration fee, which is included in the cost of materials. You may purchase materials from the Smartsettle website or through bookstores of participating universities. If you download materials, we request that you make a donation of at least $30. We also appreciate the conscientious commitment and good sportsmanship of every participant.

How much time will this take?

We expect each participant to diligently prepare for the exhibition, provide good competition for their counterparts, and take the time needed to carefully complete the pre- and post-negotiation questionnaires. How much time the negotiations will take depends on the negotiating parties, and which platform you are using. Negotiating a simple two-party, single-issue case with Smartsettle One+ will likely take much less time than negotiating a complex scenario with Smartsettle Infinity. To use Smartsettle Infinity to negotiate a complex case, you could spend ten to twenty hours of flex time over a period of several weeks. Coaches should take more time if they have not used Smartsettle before.

What else do I need?

All you need for Smartsettle One+ is Internet access. For Smartsettle Infinity, specific training materials are available from Smartsettle for little or no cost. Download and install the Infinity client from the Smartsettle website early and try it out to make sure there are no firewall issues.

May I play more than one time?

Play as many times as you like.

What are the rules?

See rules.

What is "analytical support" and why is it important?

eNegotiation systems with analytical support are able to model the negotiation problem, identify decision variables, elicit preferences on possible outcomes, and use preference information to display ratings for packages. With a high level of analytical support, Smartsettle Infinity is able to handle constraints and multiple parties and have the ability for the problem representation to evolve during the negotiation. Smartsettle Infinity can use elicited preferences to suggest packages for parties to consider and use optimization to suggest an efficient path to agreement through Visual Blind Bidding. Infinity is able to find improvements to a baseline agreement. Agreements that occur quickly often leave more value on the table. In competitions, improvements will usually result in higher scores for both (or all) parties.

How is the score for an exhibition game calculated?

Your final score will be based on a complex formula that considers both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Scoring formula details are not made available to the competitors. Your primary objective is to achieve a great deal for your own side. Full participants are given access to their scores at the end of the tournament, at which time they will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their own performance in order to plan for improvements during a subsequent round.

Is the best possible outcome the one with the highest raw score?

Not necessarily. If you achieve a high raw score with a preference representation that does not match your assigned confidential information, you will be penalized. Remember also that, just as in the real world, there is more to negotiations than just winning something for yourself. A good deal for your side must also be good for the other side.

How should I set my preferences?

To achieve a high score, you must set your preferences according to your assigned confidential information. For example, the issue that is most important to you must be assigned the most weight.

Can I change my preferences?

Yes, but there is a deadline after which you may not.

What do I do next?

The first step is to register. You will then be able to login to the site, join a competition and start negotiating.

Who can I ask if my question is not answered here?

Contact us!